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Westfall then and now

A run  though Westfall in both vanilla and modern WoW.  Although there are many things that stay the same the main differences are the giant tornado filled hole, and the look of Sentinel Hill.  Enjoy.

WTF Sleveless Cenarion?

Since I recently  switched from playing retail wow US to EU I’ve had to re-get a lot of my old transmog items, including my  Tier 1, the Cenarion set.  But look what they’ve done?!?!

Above left is me in  vanilla.  Maybe it’s a little dark but you can clearly see that the Cenarion chest has brown textured sleeves.  On the right is the set as shown in retail WoW.  Totally sleeveless!  Why?  I find it hard to believe that there was a pressing need to change the look of T1…