Solo 5 mask horrific vision

Restoration druid with Balance affinity

I run 5 mask horrific visions every week, always in a group with friends. This week one of those friends, a DPS, said he was going to try a solo 5 mask too. So… I thought… why not? I mean, I know they scale the health down for healers, so why not try to solo one myself?! The no interrupt is a bitch but…

So I google, and everyone is all about cat weaving. Blah blah blah cat. But that’s not really how I like to play. For me, balance affinity works… always has. And yes, in M+ runs I can put out between 5-10% of the damage depending on the week and the dungeon. Maybe in a “perfect” run a cat will do more, but in my runs with my friends, I do pretty well with balance affinity so I decided to keep that for my 5 mask.

I did however make some modifications. First my spec. For one, I usually run with reduced cool down on tranquility… but solo that seemed silly. This is what I went with:

I also change some of the things on my gear. I had already been running with some inner rings having DPS traits, but I added “High Noon” as my outer ring on the 2 pieces I had with it.

I also modified my necklace traits. I took out the reduced cool down on tranquility, and took as my major concentrated flame. I choose this because it is the only trait with an offensive “on use” you can get as a resto druid.

Anyway like I said on my youtube video…
This is by no means a perfect run. I skip memento boxes and crystals. I occasionally get hit by stuff. I very nearly die. BUT, this is the first day I tried, and I wanted to see how it was to do as a resto druid with balance affinity 🙂 Hey, I finished! Could defiantly clean up the run and do better, but now that I know it’s doable I think a second try would go smoother 🙂

EDIT: Just did Orgrimmar too, got the “Mad World” achievement 🙂