Vanilla Druid Mana Regeneration Calculator

Druid's Mana Regenration Calculator

This vanilla calculator uses your TOTAL spirit. This includes both spirit from gear AND base stats. You can find that number on your character panel (shown above)

You will need to add up the MP5 on your gear manually (unless you have a mod like Caster Stats or Improved Character Stats)

The formula used: ((15*level/60) + Spirit/5 + (straight MP5/5*2)) mana regained per 2 second tick

Modify druild's spirit:

Modify druild's MP5:

Modify druild's level:

Add Divine Spirit +40 spirit
Add Blessing of Wisdom +33 mp5
Add Elixir of the Sages +18 Spirit
Add Gift of the Wild(rank 2) +12 Spirit
Add Greater Blessing of Kings 10% to stats
Add Food Buff +8 mp5
Add T2 3 piece set bonus


Spirit: 100
MP5: 0 MP5
Level: 60

Not Casting Regen:
87.5 MP5
35 mana per tick (2 secs)
1050 mana per minute

Casting Regen:
13.125 MP5 while casting
5.25 mana per tick (2 secs) while casting
157.5 mana per minute while casting

1400 mana gained in one full innervate (20s)

NOTE: You do not regenrate "not casting" mana for 5 seconds after casting a spell
Casting regen calculation is based on taking all 3 points in Reflection to continue 15% regenration while casting.