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Darkmoon Faire Buff

So. You wanna go into your classic raid fully buffed? And it’s a Darkmoon Faire week?

Cool. You’re a resto druid so I suggest you go for the intellect buff.

Sayge’s Dark Fortune of Intelligence

  • + 10% Intelligence
  • Answer 1: (2) Turn him over to the liege
  • Answer 2: (2) Show not so quiet defiance

Thanks to this site for the answers!

Fun with Moonkins

Ok, here is some VANILLA fun with moonkins!  I am the teeny tiny moonkin using both Noggenfogger and the World Enlarger to be small.  I’m about the size of the moonkin hatchling on retail.  My friend Ben is the enormous moonkin using winterfall fire water and growth potion.  We should totally get a normal size moonkin friend to stand in the middle…


This second screenie is retail wow… me and my moonkin hatchling pet.  I am again using Noggenfogger, combined with the Whole-Body Shrinka’… and my hatchling has a Magical Pet Biscuit.

Anyway enjoy the multi sized laser chickens 🙂

Westfall then and now

A run  though Westfall in both vanilla and modern WoW.  Although there are many things that stay the same the main differences are the giant tornado filled hole, and the look of Sentinel Hill.  Enjoy.

Old Outlands

This area is known as “old outlands” and is found by bugging inside of the Deadmines in Vanilla WoW. This video was shot using version 1.12.1 of World of Warcraft. This is one of the cool rare areas you can find and explore in vanilla wow.