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Darkmoon Faire Buff

So. You wanna go into your classic raid fully buffed? And it’s a Darkmoon Faire week?

Cool. You’re a resto druid so I suggest you go for the intellect buff.

Sayge’s Dark Fortune of Intelligence

  • + 10% Intelligence
  • Answer 1: (2) Turn him over to the liege
  • Answer 2: (2) Show not so quiet defiance

Thanks to this site for the answers!

Classic Travel Macro

This is the classic WoW version of my Travel Macro that I use.

/cast [mod:shift]Swift Brown Ram;
/use [swimming,noform:3]Aquatic Form(Shapeshift);[outdoors,noform:3]Travel Form(Shapeshift); [indoors,noform:3] Cat Form

Obviously you wanna switch out the Swift Brown Ram for whatever mount you want. It should be smart about travel form and aquatic form. You need to shift-click to mount. Indoors it puts you into kitty cat, so you can dash or whatever.