Making D&D Cards

My D&D character Kuu is a druid/artificer. And I recently received some druid spell cards as a gift. Which are fun and awesome… I love having stuff to flip through, and I got this great binder for the cards. The problem is, there are no artificer cards to go with them!

Anyway, if you are having the same issue, I wanted to share some links to help you make them at home 🙂

This is what I used to make mine:
It doesn’t show artificer, but if you click on a different class you can then switch to artificer 🙂

Also found this:
It seems to be pretty customizable for all those extra things you want to put on cards. I’d suggest starting with “load sample” to autofill some stuff and see how it works. I might use this for things like “Eldritch Cannon” that aren’t in the spell deck but I want easy references for.

I went with some parchment looking paper but you wouldn’t have to 🙂 I also didn’t print in color, mostly because my printer was out of ink ?