Monthly Archive: August 2020

Rejuvenation Math

So Nerds, lets talk about Rejuvenation math!

When calculating your rejuvenation (or any HoT in vanilla) you use your +heal * duration/15. So since Rejuvenation is 12 seconds it is +heal*12/15 or more simply +heal*.8

The second penalty applies to spells learned under level 20. For rejuvenation this is ranks 1, 2 and 3. This penalty is
(20 – [Spell Level]) * 0.0375

Now here are the interesting things! If you have the Idol of Rejuvenation it adds +50 healing to Rejuvenation. So originally I just added this to my +heal and was wondering why the numbers all seemed ever so slightly off. But the HoT penalty (in our case 0.8) isn’t applied to the idol! Unfortunately the under 20 penalty is πŸ™‚

Here is another thing. If you have full T2, then your rejuvenation gets an extra tick, and now lasts 15 seconds. So you might think that +heal*15/15 means no penalty right? Sadly, that is wrong πŸ™ It counts as an extra tick, not an added duration. So it still calculates as if it was 12 second duration.

Anyway, check it out in action on my rank down calculator πŸ™‚

Innervate Weapon Macro

This Macro toggles on your weapon and innervates you. Replace the staff name and character name with your own πŸ™‚ Don’t forget the +20 spirit enchant!

/equipslot 16 Will of Arlokk
/cast [target=Angela] Innervate

And this macro puts your other weapons back on. Again, replace the names with your own weapons πŸ™‚

/equipslot 16 Lok’amir il Romathis
/equipslot 17 Master Dragonslayer’s Orb