Monthly Archive: October 2018

Fun with Moonkins

Ok, here is some VANILLA fun with moonkins!  I am the teeny tiny moonkin using both Noggenfogger and the World Enlarger to be small.  I’m about the size of the moonkin hatchling on retail.  My friend Ben is the enormous moonkin using winterfall fire water and growth potion.  We should totally get a normal size moonkin friend to stand in the middle…


This second screenie is retail wow… me and my moonkin hatchling pet.  I am again using Noggenfogger, combined with the Whole-Body Shrinka’… and my hatchling has a Magical Pet Biscuit.

Anyway enjoy the multi sized laser chickens 🙂

All in one travel macro!

I have used variations of this macro since forever, and originally probably found it on the forums but I’m sorry do say I don’t have a link, so thank you random WoW player 🙂 Today I am going to give you the retail (current as of BFA) version of the all-in-one travel macro for druids.

/cast [mod:shift]Lucid Nightmare;
/use [swimming,noform:3]Travel Form(Shapeshift);[outdoors,noform:3]Travel Form(Shapeshift);[indoors,noform:2]Cat Form(Shapeshift)

That is for your basic cat inside, travel outside and in water, shift click for a mount travel macro. Be sure to change “Lucid Nightmare” to the mount of your choice.

Now for a little extra fun. If you have Fandral’s Seed Pouch like I do and like to keep that fire-kitty appearance up ? ? I have written this macro:

/cast [mod:shift]Lucid Nightmare;
/use [swimming,noform:3]Travel Form(Shapeshift);[outdoors,noform:3]Travel Form(Shapeshift)
/click [indoors,noform:2] MultiBarBottomRightButton1

But you will see that in this code I click “MultiBarBottomRightButton1” because my macro was getting tooooooo long and wasn’t going to fit in the allotted number of characters. So basically the macro calls another macro.   On that button slot (multi bar bottom right button 1 -or- whatever button you want if you change the slot name) you need a button of the macro that does this:

/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
/console Sound_EnableErrorSpeech 0
/use Cat Form(Shapeshift)
/use Fandral's Seed Pouch
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/script UIErrorsFrame:Show()
/console Sound_EnableErrorSpeech 1

And what this does is shift to cat and then press the seed pouch… but… since you might already have it active or it might be on cooldown, it also suppresses those annoying “not ready yet” errors you’ll get spammed with.

Happy travels 🙂

Westfall then and now

A run  though Westfall in both vanilla and modern WoW.  Although there are many things that stay the same the main differences are the giant tornado filled hole, and the look of Sentinel Hill.  Enjoy.

Old Outlands

This area is known as “old outlands” and is found by bugging inside of the Deadmines in Vanilla WoW. This video was shot using version 1.12.1 of World of Warcraft. This is one of the cool rare areas you can find and explore in vanilla wow.

WTF Sleveless Cenarion?

Since I recently  switched from playing retail wow US to EU I’ve had to re-get a lot of my old transmog items, including my  Tier 1, the Cenarion set.  But look what they’ve done?!?!

Above left is me in  vanilla.  Maybe it’s a little dark but you can clearly see that the Cenarion chest has brown textured sleeves.  On the right is the set as shown in retail WoW.  Totally sleeveless!  Why?  I find it hard to believe that there was a pressing need to change the look of T1…

Hello world!

Hello Druids!

I am just getting my site setup and this post is more of a test than anything but alas, I shall use it to introduce myself 🙂

I’m Angela, as you might have guessed by the title of the site.  I play a resto druid.   I’ve played a resto druid since late vanilla and all though BC, WotLK, Cata, blah blah blah…   Sometimes playing in some pretty  intense guilds, sometimes being super casual, depending on real life in any given period of time 🙂

Like a lot of people my age, I have a very nostalgic view of Vanilla WoW.   I recent gave a private server a try and was not disappointed in my experience.  I am currently playing BFA, a little bit of private server, and anxiously awaiting the official Blizzard release of Classic WoW.

Anyway, I hope people find this site helpful 🙂