Eye of the Dead

Little PSA. If you haven’t heard, you should defiantly, 100% be giving this item to your HoT spamming resto druid. Why you ask?

You see that on use… “Increase healing done by the next 5 spells by 450 for 30 seconds“…. well rejuvenation benefits from the +spell increase, but does not consume a charge! So in 30 seconds, you can put out 20 rejuvenations with the extra 450 spell power bonus. It’s great.

Little more breakdown about that:

Remember the rejuvenation only gets a 80% benefit from spell power, so really its + 360 spell power.

If you cast a rejuvenation BEFORE the buff, but swiftmend WITH the buff, it heals for as much as a duration of rejuvenation cast with the buff. This will consume a charge.

If you cast swiftmend AFTER the buff expires, on a swiftmend cast WITH the buff, then it will heal for the full duration of a swiftmend as if it was cast without the buff.

This is OP as hell on fights like Sapphiron where you’re blanketing the raid with HoTs.

I assume this would also work for a renew priest but I can’t personally test it.

Also, guys… if you’re a rejuvenation druid, stick with your T-2 as long as you can. That 8 piece is still amazing, even in Naxx.

RPG Battle Maps

I’ve always liked being creative and have always been a nerdy type. Recently (and long overdue) friends got me to start playing in my first D&D campaign and shortly after I discovered the joy of making maps. So I made a website to share my maps and I wanted to invite you to visit it.


Thanks for having a peek πŸ™‚

Making D&D Cards

My D&D character Kuu is a druid/artificer. And I recently received some druid spell cards as a gift. Which are fun and awesome… I love having stuff to flip through, and I got this great binder for the cards. The problem is, there are no artificer cards to go with them!

Anyway, if you are having the same issue, I wanted to share some links to help you make them at home πŸ™‚

This is what I used to make mine: http://beta.hardcodex.ru/
It doesn’t show artificer, but if you click on a different class you can then switch to artificer πŸ™‚

Also found this: http://crobi.github.io/rpg-cards/generator/generate.html
It seems to be pretty customizable for all those extra things you want to put on cards. I’d suggest starting with “load sample” to autofill some stuff and see how it works. I might use this for things like “Eldritch Cannon” that aren’t in the spell deck but I want easy references for.

I went with some parchment looking paper but you wouldn’t have to πŸ™‚ I also didn’t print in color, mostly because my printer was out of ink ?

Rejuvenation Math

So Nerds, lets talk about Rejuvenation math!

When calculating your rejuvenation (or any HoT in vanilla) you use your +heal * duration/15. So since Rejuvenation is 12 seconds it is +heal*12/15 or more simply +heal*.8

The second penalty applies to spells learned under level 20. For rejuvenation this is ranks 1, 2 and 3. This penalty is
(20 – [Spell Level]) * 0.0375

Now here are the interesting things! If you have the Idol of Rejuvenation it adds +50 healing to Rejuvenation. So originally I just added this to my +heal and was wondering why the numbers all seemed ever so slightly off. But the HoT penalty (in our case 0.8) isn’t applied to the idol! Unfortunately the under 20 penalty is πŸ™‚

Here is another thing. If you have full T2, then your rejuvenation gets an extra tick, and now lasts 15 seconds. So you might think that +heal*15/15 means no penalty right? Sadly, that is wrong πŸ™ It counts as an extra tick, not an added duration. So it still calculates as if it was 12 second duration.

Anyway, check it out in action on my rank down calculator πŸ™‚

Innervate Weapon Macro

This Macro toggles on your weapon and innervates you. Replace the staff name and character name with your own πŸ™‚ Don’t forget the +20 spirit enchant!

/equipslot 16 Will of Arlokk
/cast [target=Angela] Innervate

And this macro puts your other weapons back on. Again, replace the names with your own weapons πŸ™‚

/equipslot 16 Lok’amir il Romathis
/equipslot 17 Master Dragonslayer’s Orb

Balance Affinity Macros

These are the macros I use on my retail druid to make sure that I am in moonkin form for that spells that require me to be.

Lunar Strike
#showtooltip Lunar Strike
/cast [stance:4] Lunar Strike
/cast [stance:0/1/2/3/5/6] Moonkin Form

#showtooltip Starsurge
/cast [stance:4] Starsurge
/cast [stance:0/1/2/3/5/6] Moonkin Form

/cast [stance:4] Flap
/cast [stance:0/1/2/3/5/6] Moonkin Form

Classic Innervate Weak Aura

I didn’t write this weak aura but I love it. When innervate is cast on me in classic WoW it plays a bell noise and shows me the duration of the buff. Its a very audio and visual way of showing me “Cast more, you got mana coming!”

Here is the link: https://wago.io/q9T4lx1mY/1

Classic Casting Macro

/cast [@mouseover,help]Healing Touch(Rank 4);[harm]Moonfire;

Ok, so what this does:

First line in all my macros is cancel form… so if i’m shape shifted and try to cast, it will take me out of travel/cat/bear. It’s not such a big deal in the middle of raid, but, if i’m out in the world and get attacked i’m often shifting in and out of travel form and want to be able to cast out of it like I do in retail. If you aren’t in a form this line will do nothing, so it doesn’t hurt to have.

Next, it utilizes the same button to either cast a heal on a friendly target (healing touch rank 4 in this case) or damage on an enemy (moonfire in this case) which allows me to double up on buttons πŸ™‚

Solo 5 mask horrific vision

Restoration druid with Balance affinity

I run 5 mask horrific visions every week, always in a group with friends. This week one of those friends, a DPS, said he was going to try a solo 5 mask too. So… I thought… why not? I mean, I know they scale the health down for healers, so why not try to solo one myself?! The no interrupt is a bitch but…

So I google, and everyone is all about cat weaving. Blah blah blah cat. But that’s not really how I like to play. For me, balance affinity works… always has. And yes, in M+ runs I can put out between 5-10% of the damage depending on the week and the dungeon. Maybe in a “perfect” run a cat will do more, but in my runs with my friends, I do pretty well with balance affinity so I decided to keep that for my 5 mask.

I did however make some modifications. First my spec. For one, I usually run with reduced cool down on tranquility… but solo that seemed silly. This is what I went with:

I also change some of the things on my gear. I had already been running with some inner rings having DPS traits, but I added “High Noon” as my outer ring on the 2 pieces I had with it.

I also modified my necklace traits. I took out the reduced cool down on tranquility, and took as my major concentrated flame. I choose this because it is the only trait with an offensive “on use” you can get as a resto druid.

Anyway like I said on my youtube video…
This is by no means a perfect run. I skip memento boxes and crystals. I occasionally get hit by stuff. I very nearly die. BUT, this is the first day I tried, and I wanted to see how it was to do as a resto druid with balance affinity πŸ™‚ Hey, I finished! Could defiantly clean up the run and do better, but now that I know it’s doable I think a second try would go smoother πŸ™‚

EDIT: Just did Orgrimmar too, got the “Mad World” achievement πŸ™‚

Horrific Vision Weak Aura

I didn’t write this weak aura, but i wanted to share it because it is very useful. Basically once you see what the bad potion is you type it in chat “red” and it will adjust all the other potions accordingly. Telling you what the other colors do, and if you have the a potion buff, how much time remains on it.

It also helps track gift of the titan, so if you’re planning your pulls it’s nice to have.

Here is the link.